Vol 31 02-Sep-11
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We are 10 years old !!
10 years ago on the 27th of August 2001, we started our journey under the corporate identity of “Qadit Systems & Solutions Pvt Ltd”, to provide quality Information Security Assurance & Consultancy services.

Today as we enter our 11th year, we wish to Thank all our Clients, Associates, Partners and Well-Wishers for being part of this enjoyable journey. Read More.

MPLS Network - Is it Secure?

MPLS (Multiprotocol label switching) is a data transportation technique and nothing more. It is definitely faster --- but is it secure? Find out here.

ATM Skimming - Precautions to be taken

ATM Skimming happens when thieves attach devices onto ATMs in order to copy a credit-or-debit-card number, the information on the magnetic strip and even your personal identification number.

A fraudster can benefit from ATM Skimming by creating a cloned card that can be used in an ATM or at a POS terminal. For using in the POS Terminal, only the magnetic strip info is required, whereas for using in an ATM, the fraudster will need the PIN also. Read More.

In Other News & Views:

Operation Shady RAT
McAfee revealed a 5 year cyber-espionage campaign it called “Shady Rat” which it claims have affected upto 72 organisations in 14 countries. Organisations affected by the Shady Rat are said to have lost emails, design plans, strategy documents etc. Read more.

E-Discovery and Compliance
E-Discovery as a concept is gaining prominence thanks mainly to the legislative impetus in the United States. Read More.

Tech Terminology Demystified - Wardriving
Wardriving is a reconnaissance act of driving around a locality looking for wireless networks / access points. Read More.

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