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Vol 47 Feb 2015

Cloud Security - An Overview

Cloud Security is one of the buzzwords in the industry today. But, what does it mean? Are there new kinds of threats with the cloud?


Cross Site Request Forgery - Explained in Detail

What is so cross-site about Cross Site Request Forgery? A quick primer.  

Russians hacked Sony? The saga continues ...

A new whitepaper has been released by Taia Global which claims that Russian hackers “also breached Sony” and “those hackers still have access to Sony’s network."

Other News:

  • Singapore forms new cyber security agency.Read more

  • Hackers deface Malaysia Airlines website, upload rap song.Read more

  • A fake bank in China that looked exactly like a real bank managed to scam people of almost 200 million yuan (HK$253 million) worth of deposits in just a year.Read more

  • Oracle Auditing Tools is a tool kit that could be used to audit security within Oracle database servers.Read more

  • Hard-Coded FTP Credentials Found in Schneider Electric SCADA Gateway.Read more

  • SQL injection vulnerabilities surge to highest levels in three years. Read more

  • Do We Need Regular IT Security Fire Drills? Read more

  • What you need to know about 'The Silk Road'. Read more

  • An ATM-maker in Chennai has developed a line of ATMs with theft deterence features.Read more

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