Vol 42 05-Nov-13
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Why "Administrator" privileges should not be given to end users?

One of the IT security best practices in desktop usage is to run a computer on the least privilege required. This means, an end user should log into his PC / laptop as a standard user and not as an ‘administrator’. This is applicable to both, home and enterprise environment. Learn more about the advantages of such least privilege computing here

BetaBot - The new malware kid off the block

A new warning about malware designed to target payment platforms highlights why anti-virus software is increasingly ineffective at preventing account compromises.
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Who Monitors your Every Move? NSA, Facebook, Shutterstock ?

Monitoring, eveasdropping, spying, surveillance – these are terms that even the layman today associates with NSA – thanks to the recent spate of exposes about who and what the NSA has been monitoring. While the NSA may not have any real interest in what I do, other conglomerate websites like Facebook and Shutterstock have a very real interest in how I behave with their websites – since it might mean more money for them.
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In Other News & Views:

Free Guide : 5 Best Practices for BYOD

Security Firm releases tool to audit SAP's HANA

New malware designed to take over ATM at software level and make it dispense cash on command

Backdoor found in D-Link router firmware code

Microsoft admits that Third Party antivirus is more effective than Microsoft Security Essentials

Study shows XP remains primary OS

Qatar Websites hacked for several hours

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