Vol 33 01-Nov-11
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How to secure a virtualized environment?

'Virtualization' has been in the limelight for sometime now and will continue to be so for some more time. Virtual environment, along with cloud computing and mobile technologies, has caught the attention of hackers and is therefore important to secure them. Here is a list of security measures to be implemented. Read More.

Are Quick Response (QR) Codes safe to use?

We see lot of QR codes (small crossword like pictures) in the print media now-a-days for quick access to the relevant service advertised. But we need to be aware of the risks posed by dangerous QR codes. Read more.

Doppelganger Danger

We often mistype domain names when we are searching the web or trying to access a website. Researchers have now shown that by creating ‘doppelganger’ (German origin-meaning duplicate or double) domains it is possible to steal information. Read More.

In Other News & Views:

Some 'Dumb' hacks
Here are some interesting “dumb moves” by Hackers that helped the officials track them down. Read more.

Virus hits computer systems on US airplanes
How secure are we using embedded systems? Read More.

Tech Terminology Demystified - Wireless IPS
WIPS helps in identifying unauthorized (‘rogue’) access points in an organization and taking appropriate countermeasures against the rouge devices. Read More.

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