Vol 18 02-Aug-10
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Securing info through authentication
How identification, authentication and authorization secure information?
Underlying principle of logical access control is to identify whether a user is in fact the right person whom he claims to be and provide the right type of access to that person. Authentication and authorization help in achieving these. Read More.

Authentication methodologies compared

Which is the best authentication methodolgy?
This article is a continuation of the article ‘Securing information through identification, authentication and authorization’. Read More.

Auditing in Solaris

How Solaris' native auditing tool help achieve auditing goals?
The primary goal of auditing is recording user actions to detect malicious intent. Auditing may also act as a deterrent.Auditing for Solaris provides a security conscious administrator one more tool to counter malicious intent. Find out Here.

In Other News & Views:

Secure your wireless router before it is too late.
There is increasing risk of an intruder using an unsecured network or hacking into a home wireless network and sending out malicious mails. Read more.

Data breach involving financial data.
In first half of 2010, 39 data breaches have been reported by financial institutions. Considering that reported breaches form a tip of the iceberg in relation to total breaches, actual breaches are expected to be significantly higher. Read More.

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