Vol 16 01-Jun-10
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Technology used in securing VoIP
Basic steps in securing VoIP
This article provides a peek into components and technologies used to secure VoIP. Read More.

'Lock' icon on web browsers

What the 'lock' icon on web browsers mean to end users?
Most of us know that a website is secure if there is a ‘lock’ icon in the browser frame. Let us find out what this lock means and how it enables us to know whether a site is secure. Read More.

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Security

How to secure an SOA framework?
This final part of the article on SOA security deals about technology involved in securing Web SOA. Find out Here.

In Other News & Views:

Leading browsers hacked
CanSecWest security conference demonstrates vulnerabilities in leading web browsers. Read more.

Overview of IPv6.
IPv6 - The next generation internet. Read More.

Tech Terminology Demystified - Cookie
Why cookies are used in world wide web?
Find out here.

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