Vol 11 04-Jan-10
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Wishing You All A Very Happy, Secure & Prosperous 2010.

Authentication Challenges in Online Banking

As the challenges increase, new authentication mechanisms are being tested out.
Two authentication mechanisms that can be deployed by banks to manage risks from traditional authentication mechanisms are adaptive authentication and out-of-band authentication. Read More.

Make your Windows XP Secure.

Some tips to make your Windows XP secure ... and faster.
While Windows 7 is getting a rave review (unlike Vista) and more and more users are migrating to Windows 7, Windows XP continues to be prevalent. So as 2010 rings in, here are some tips and tweaks to make your Windows XP secure and faster. Read More.

Asymmetric Encryption - Some Simple Rules

A primer on how asymmetric encryption works.
Asymmetric encryption rules seem to confuse people as to when to use a private or a public key and for what purpose. So what key to use where and when? Learn here.

In Other News & Views:

An introduction to SOX Compliance.
A brief introduction to the Sarbanes Oxley Act. Read More.

Major Security Breaches in 2009
An interesting list of major security breaches in 2009. Read More.

Security Resolutions for 2010
A "wish" list for Information Security Managers for the new year. Read More.

Tech Terminology Demystified - 3G
What is 3G all about?
Find out here.

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